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3rd-May-2008 01:22 am
Do The Impossible, Don't You Wanna Bet? __RECRUITS:

★ SEEKING CO-MODERATORS: all candidates should be active (online & in LJ at least few times a week), OCD organized (good in details, like spotting the odds or missing things), serious (chillin' & foolin' around at duties is a difference), amiable (that means nice, friendly, civilized, polite, understanding), patient (we don't want mods loosing their cools, start blowing up & ashamed ourselves) and most importantly: teamwork attitude. (you have no rights to act alone, must get union approval from founder & other mods) I forgot, only open to cosplayers, thanks.

If you fit the criterias above, now see if you're ready for the mission(s) below!

# Rules Division
- person who regularly checks around for those who follow or break the rules of this community.
- reports to me (sagaranna) & other mods about any activities by the end of each week (make it on Sundays, anytime). even if there are no activities, just report in so that we know you're doing your job.
- informs founder & other mods first before taking any actions
- have the rights to remove/delete entries, comments or members after every mods approved of the decisions
- checks tags for posted entries, and add on extra specific tags
according to entries' content
- help give warnings or notes to members/people if required
- propose or suggest any improved rules if felt like needed

# Creative Department
- changes & designs layouts according to occasions (Valentine, Halloween, X'Mas, Gurren Lagann Movie Launch, etc.) or twice a year.
- responsible in designing journal layout; userinfo layout; little things (icons, mood themes, link exchange banners or buttons) and
- sends sample/proto-type designs to founder & other mods
- once approved, may proceed to customize
- seek permissions from rightful owners & featured cosplayers if using anything from or by them
- credit features you used or edited (whether in graphics or in text form)
- have to include "© COSGAR" in made graphics
- may re-use previous layout/designs if suitable, but need to seek approval from mods first

I will set up locked entries specially for mods to discuss, report, share, communicate & suggest among each other. (only community members get to access the content, but non-mods are not allowed to comment or tag along. for feedbacks, an entry will be created just for that)

At the meantime, I am NOT accepting or making any potential candidates as mods. Unless or until this community gets more busy.
ALRITE! It's getting busier. For those who are interested & dedicated, FEEL FREE TO COMMENT HERE YO!! ^__^

However, if you're interested in applying for positions, feel free to leave your application form below with the comment subject "BREAK THRU THE DREAM", and I will get back to you all when it's time I need to accept and take in new mods.

For any enquiries, comment with the subject "F.A.Q" and I'll get right back to you.

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